Single mom works 3 jobs to provide for her kids – then a stranger show up with a small box

December 26, 2018 Stories

Angelica Huitt, a single mom of four, was in the process of moving her family into a rental home in Sacramento County, California.

With the holidays approaching, Angelica has been working three jobs to give to her kids the Christmas they deserve. She has an 11-month-old baby boy and three daughters,

Kacie Kite didn’t know how to react when a “Secret Santa” news team walked into her workplace and handed her a small box. She immediately got emotional, knowing that someone was looking out for her.

Kacie is a struggling single mom raising a 10-year-old son. She works three jobs to provide for herself and her son, and she never complains about the challenges. On top of all that, she also regularly helps other people in need.

Kacie’s friend called her “the most generous and selfless person she knows.”

Recently, though, Kacie’s car broke down, making it extremely hard for her to get her son to school and herself to work. She’s been borrowing family members’ cars, but it hasn’t been easy to rely on others.

Luckily, Kacie’s friends and family saw how much she was struggling and stepped in. They nominated her for a Secret Santa giveaway put on by East Idaho News. Each year for the past few years, a donor has given huge amounts of money to the news station — all for them to give away during the holidays. This year, the donor is giving away $250,000.

When the Secret Santa team heard Kacie’s story, they knew she deserved a special Christmas gift. The East Idaho News “elves” met Kacie at the hair salon she works at and handed her a small box. Inside the box was a key to Kacie’s brand-new car.

It is always nice to see such surprises given to the ones in need. This is another proof that good humans are still around.

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