Single dad enjoys special dinner with his daughter, then an anonymous note brings everything to a halt

April 26, 2018 Stories


When you’re a single parent, life can be difficult — and receiving praise for all of your hard work and sacrifices rarely happens. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your little one just to see a smile spread across their face. Whether you’re a single mother or father, the challenges pile up faster than most could imagine.

One person who knows this better than most is a single father who goes by the name Takopoke on Imgur — and it all came full-circle during Valentine’s dinner with his daughter…

This single dad decided to skip a romantic dinner with a fling and opted to spend the evening with his favorite date, his six-year-old daughter, for Valentine’s dinner. Together, the pair laughed about their day, celebrated the love in their home and how much their bond meant to each of them.

However, as the daddy-daughter date went on, there was someone watching them closely. A couple at a nearby table witnessed the two enjoying their time together and decided to leave a note.

Their note said:

“Hi there!

Sorry to spy, but my husband and I saw you out with your little date and were so impressed with what a great Dad you are…”


“From two adults who grew up without dads, it’s so important to have a male role model at a young age.

Keep up the good work Dad! Dinner is on us!”

The dad was immediately brought to tears when he read their kind note. Unfortunately, there were no names or signatures on the note, so he had no way to thank them personally. While he couldn’t thank them in person, the father’s heart was warmed by their incredible generosity.

He posted the photo of the note online and wrote the caption:

“As a single dad, I took my six-year-old daughter out to valentines dinner tonight when this happened. I won’t lie, I teared up at the table.

So, thank you, random strangers. Thank you.”

This delightful couple took the time thank a good father when he needed the praise the most. Their act of kindness may have seemed small at the moment, but it made a huge difference in his life.

We should all thank the loving, tender-hearted fathers (or father figures) who strive to create close relationships with their children. They are the true role models!