Simon Cowell Thinks She’s Incapable to Sing THIS Song – Moments Later, He Regrets Every Word

November 14, 2017 Other

Judge Simon Cowell is known for his ruthlessness when it comes to criticizing singers.

However, once in a while, he gets someone to shut him up and make him appreciate good talent. One lady pulled that off in the most graceful manner!

Chloe Paige is a good singer, and she loves making people enjoy her performances. When she entered a singing contest, she first made sure she was ready for the big move. On the show, she introduced herself and announced that she was going to sing a capella song, “Amazing Grace.” For that, she got a dose of criticism from Judge Simon who made sure she understood what a bad choice she had made trying to take on a capella!

Well, Simon was about to get his socks knocked off in one heck of a performance by this lady. The moment Chloe starts her thing; everyone finds their hearts totally stolen. She’s that good!

By the time she was through with the singing, not even the big critic could keep himself from lauding her efforts. You must see this right now.
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