Simon Cowell has singer remove excessive makeup—but when she returns, everyone’s floored

April 12, 2018 Other

Samantha Lavery had turned 17 just the other week and had only lived a day in college when a great opportunity fell right before her feet. She went into the singing competition on the X Factor, and what happened there is worth a viral share!

So she comes to the judges the first time. Judge Simon is there, with his usual “meanness.” He tells her that her makeup doesn’t reflect who she really is and he would really wish to see her in her real skin. Samantha is evidently a little taken aback by the comments, even though the female judges try to smoothen things out, but she isn’t giving up yet!

She goes back to work on herself to present the best image. A few hours later, she’s back with a bang. The judges can’t believe it. She looks so pretty. But that’s beside the point. When that young lady finally gets to open that good mouth to belt out a song, everyone goes to the floor!
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