She fell and fractured her hip—but then, she’s horrified as family dog starts to drag her away

May 15, 2018 Dogs


Mabel, a black Labrador was hailed hero after rescuing his owner, Janet Wilhelm. Janet was going to giver her beloved dog some food when she  slipped on some spillage, and fell, landing on her left hip. She fractured her pelvis in five places. The pain was agonizing for her, and since she was feeding her dog in her garage she could neither reach the phone nor call for help.

“It was one of those moments where, ‘Am I gonna get out of this,’” she said.

Janet did the best she could to make her way into her house, but everytime she tried to make a move, she felt a horrible pain. She was alone at that time, but there was “someone” that came to her rescue!

“As they came out (the dogs) I was on the floor, of course, trying to get into the house and the dog came up to me, my black lab, Mabel, and she’s licking my face. I grabbed onto her collar just because I was in so much pain, and she just started to back up into the house and drag me into the house,” said Wilhelm.

“I had to stop several times because it was so painful, but as I let go, she kept coming back and kissing my face and trying to tell me it’s okay. I ended up grabbing her collar again and she kept backing up. And little my by little she dragged me all the way into the house until I could get to my phone.”

It took Mabel 90 minutes to drag Wilhelm 20 feet.

“I was so happy she was there,” Wilhelm said. “I was like, ‘Good girl, good girl. I love you, I love you.’ I was just so happy.”

With Mabel’s help, Wilhelm finally got her phone, which was inside her wallet on a chair, and called her husband for help.

Watch the video below:
Wilhelm is now recovering in the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, If it wasn’t for Mable who knows what could of happened. SHARE if you agree dogs are our amazing friends!