Senior Dog Witnesses His Owner Getting Married Before Passing Away!

September 12, 2017 Dogs

Charlie, who is a black lab was fortunate enough to live long and witness his owner get married. Kelly O’Connell of Denver, Colorado, was getting married to James Garvin. It was a coincidence that Charlie’s owner and the husband were both vets.

Charlie had lived 15 years, and was diagnosed with brain tumor couple of months before. So by the wedding day, he looked very tired with no strength but he still managed to walk down the aisle with Katie Lloyd, the maid of honor, together with O’Connell’s sister. But Charlie could not walk anymore, so Lloyd of 5’3″carried Charlie of 80 pounds to where his owner was at the altar

Speaking to ABC News, Kelly said that they all started to cry upon seeing that. She said that Charlie was not the same as before when she saw him being carried a few feet to the altar. She clearly knew that old age was eating him up.

She confessed that Charlie used to be a wonderful pup who loved everyone, but above all she was his number one favorite.

Surprisingly enough, the moments they spent together at the wedding were among the last ones as a couple of days later he passed away.

Jen Dziuvenis took the touching pictures which the newly wedded couple will forever remember him.

Posting on Facebook, Dziuvenis said that love is when one loves a dog who is about to die and a sister carries him to the altar.

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