Senior Dog Turned To Shelter After Owner Died.. Three Weeks Later? She’s Got The Happiest Ending!

September 6, 2017 Dogs

Imagine living with someone for 18 years and then they pass away. It’s sad and lonely, and that’s what Julep was going through after her owner died. The dog had to be taken to a shelter for lack of anyone else to live with. However, fate had some better things in store for her!

It’s not easy to have an old dog adopted from a shelter. Most people want the younger ones. But the staff at the Humane Rescue Alliance (HRA) based in Washington knew that they had to put in some extra work to get Julep adopted. After a few weeks in the shelter, someone showed up for a meeting with Julep. His name is Wayne Lerch.

The moment he arrived and looked at Julep in her kernel, Wayne knew that there was no way he was leaving without her. He went back home, parked his motorcycle and came back with his car. That’s how Julep found a new home and dad, and a new name too!

The dog is now called Tootie, and she and her new owner are very much in love. Watch the video here and fall in love with this cute canine.

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