It seems like an ordinary sculpt – But moment it starts spinning has whole internet mind-boggled

January 29, 2018 Other

This is one of the most mesmerizing things I have seen in a while. It is extremely unique that I couldn’t look away while watching it.

These uncommon creations, called 3d-printed sculptures and designed by John Edmark, are the combination between art and mathematics. When they are spinning at the same frequency and under a strobe light, the sculptures seem to be animated or alive! Edmark, who is an inventor, artist and designer, explains that the rotation speed is well synchronized to the camera’s frame rate so that one frame of the video can capture every time the sculpture spins 137.6 degrees, which is called the golden angle.

Edmark’s fabulous spinning sculptures create the illusion of different nature shapes like the blooming of a flower or the spiral of a galaxy. He was inspired by something called the “Fibonacci Sequence,” a natural-occurring design in nature, and knew he had to use it in art!

Watching them had me completely mesmerized. It is a very creative yet magnificent peace of art. Don’t you think so?

In the time since Edmark posted this video online, it’s been shared thousands of times and viewed by more than a million of people! Take a peek at these incredible 3D sculptures for yourself by watching the video below. What an interesting concept!
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