When You See How This Man Walks His Paraplegic Dog, It Will Touch Your Heart! Amazing!

May 1, 2017 Stories

The dog in this video had an extra vertebra that was causing him extreme pain. When he went in for surgery, the vet accidentally broke one of his bones and caused him to be paralyzed. The poor guy could no longer use his back legs but that did not stop his owner from finding a way to help Loois keep being a dog.

The way he walks his dog is amazing! This sweet dog is able to stay active and even enjoys playing fetch with the help of his owner, who takes such good care of him. It is truly amazing to see how this dog is taken care of and the unique way his owner makes life easier for Looi.

Louis And his owner have such a wonderful bond that cannot be broken. His owner says Looi would lay down his life for him and he would certainly lay down his life for Looi! Enjoy this touching story and share with others.