See Coconut the Beautifully Rare Medicine Hat Filly

November 3, 2017 Pets

This little filly is quite rare and valuable! In this video, you will see the beautiful Coconut as she enjoys her first time outdoors. In this video, she is only two days old. This absolutely beautiful filly is a sight to behold! As her proud Mama shows her off to the cameraman, the entire herd shows up to get a glimpse of the baby. As they stand there in awe, it is clear to see Coconut’s Mama is very proud to show her off.
This is one of the most beautiful fillies you are likely to ever see. The beautiful pattern on this horse is called tovero and she has a medicine hat pattern on her head. Her markings and colorings are quite rare so you may not be able to witness a horse of this type again. Watch Mom and baby as they enjoy the beautiful outdoors. If you enjoy this wonderful video, don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook!