Security Footage Shows Man Abandoning The Tiniest Puppies in The Middle of Night

November 22, 2017 Stories

Have you wondered why there is an alarming dumping of dogs and body bags stuffed with dog carcasses? Who is dumping the dogs by the roadside at night? What really could be reason of the rise of the behavior? As they say, unresisted habit becomes a necessity, and as we seek to end this behavior that is already gaining roots; we must establish the reasons that have contributed to uncommon practice as outlined in the following:

In August 2014, the Dog Rescue Group revealed a rather shocking research on why there is a trend in dog dumping behavior. With the uncontrolled dog population in most hoods as a result of continuous production, there has been a need to dispose dogs. Most people as a result sought legal disposal ways, which were expensive therefore the people opted for alternative ways.

The disposal by roadsides at night is a cheap way at no cost. It is because of this most sought way, that people will control the number dogs in their household which are rather expensive to cater.

Another reason provided by this animal segment suggested that people are avoiding contacts with dogs. A continued contact between the dogs and human beings leads to hurting of the innocent animals. In order to avoid this, people have decided to dispose the most animals.