She saw an opossum dying at the tollway and had to act fast to save its life

September 8, 2017 Stories

On the morning of July 23rd, Paige Jones did something that she won’t be forgetting any time soon. She pulled over at the Westpark Tollway in Houston, and you want to know why.

On this day, Paige was driving to work when she spotted something on the side of the road. She took a closer look and saw an opossum. The creature had lifted its head when it caught the sound of her car passing by. The innocent being was in danger!

Turns out, the opossum had been hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road. Paige knew she had to something to save its life. She called the police while she stayed to comfort the hurting animal. They managed to get the opossum to a hospital but, sadly, it was too late. It died.

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