Russian Ice Skater Wows Crowd With Magical Costume Change

October 26, 2019 Stories

Anna Shcherbakova is a 15-year-old ice skater from Russia who steals attention all the time with her dance performances.

There was nothing different on the Skate America 2019 competition held in the United States, where she impressed the whole crowd with her performance!

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The extremely talented young ice skater defeated the competition and more than deservedly won. She showed an unusual appearance, during which she even switched her costume!

The Russian ice skating sensation has won many awards in the past – she even won a gold medal this year in the individual skating category at the European Youth Olympic Winter Festival!

Take a look at the remarkable performance of 15-year-old skater Anna Shcherbakova, who will surely take over you too. Did she deserve to win the Skate America 2019 competition?