Rockin’ 80-Year-Old Drummer Earns The Golden Buzzer On Asian Talent

November 8, 2019 Other

The web is surrounded by a video of an 80-year-old drummer who has impressed many music lovers with his talent.

In Central Asia’s Got Talent, he played drums in the company of two young men and won a Golden Buzzer during the performance!

Many people think that at a certain age, we can no longer do what our heart wants. This is why many seniors abandon their hobbies, which bring them joy. Grandfather Vsevolod Javad-Zade does not fit into this group of people!

Despite his enviable age of 80, he still plays the drums, which always give him immense joy!

He auditioned at the Asian Talent Show while playing drums and impressed the audience and all the judges with his performance. One of them was so impressed with the talent of the 80-year-old that he pressed the Golden Buzzer during the performance!

Take a look at the performance of the 80-year-old drummer who impressed all the jjudges and many gathered guests during the auditions at Central Asia’s Got Talent. Grandpa is, without a doubt, proof that dreams can be pursued throughout our lives!