RIP Scott & Astrid: Man Hit and Killed to Save Beloved Dog From Speeding Train

January 2, 2018 Dogs

Human love for dogs is unending. We are willing to do anything that our dogs want just like how we do to our fellow human beings. Scott Wulff at 61, did something that ended his life to save that of his dog.

A community is mourning the death of two heroes; Scott and his dog in Jacksonville, Florida. They were killed by an Amtrak train on a Sunday. The witnesses say that Astrid, the dog, was scared by the oncoming train having full lights on, vibrations in the ground and sounds everywhere that she could not sustain.

Astrid was scared and sprang fast into action. She ran over the track in confusion to escape the danger. Scott in panic tried to pull her back from the track to safety but it was late.

Isaiah Boone said that he heard a speeding train drawing nearer with a loud breaking sounds. He therefore went outside from the restaurant and he was in sorrow seeing everyone in tears of what had happened to both Scott and his dog.

Boone is a cashier at Wok and Roll, the restaurant where Scott and his dog Astrid visited frequently even at a time when they had no funds. It is just a street away from the place where the accident happened.
Scott’s son Jacob said that Astrid was his dad’s best friend.

It finally came to everyone realization that Scott dived, without a second thought, into the train track to save Astrid that he had rescued her from the streets back in 2013. Jacob affirmed that.

Scott rescued her when she had plenty of injuries everywhere in her whole body.

Jacob added that his dad was a drunkard and was struggling with depression but upon having Astrid in her life, everything in his life changed. He even sobered up not only in alcohol but in everything that he did.

Jacob concludes that his father gave credit to Astrid for the changes that he went through in his lifetime.