Rescued Dog Gives Birth to Twelve Healthy Beautiful Newborn Puppies

November 4, 2017 Stories

Chris and Mariesa are a couple who work to rescue dogs and make a difference in their lives. When they visited the animal shelter, they immediately fell in love with Storie, a beautiful dog that was very much pregnant. Although it would mean a lot of work, this couple decided they would adopt her and help her have her newborn pups so they would all be healthy and protected. This video showcases the journey from rescuing this special dog to the birth of her babies.
When Chris and Mariesa learned Storie had twelve pups, they were a bit overwhelmed but they refused to give up on their promise of helping her. Within eighteen hours of her rescue, she gave birth to twelve beautiful little pups who were all healthy. Soon, Chris and Mariesa will be working to make sure these beautiful little ones are placed in loving homes. Watch this touching and adorable video and then Please SHARE on Facebook!