Puppy is so deformed from dog fights he ‘doesn’t look like a puppy’ – watch how he’s doing now

July 14, 2019 Dogs

All dogs deserve a good life and home filled with fun, snuggles and lots of love. But some dogs don’t get that kind of start and it breaks my heart every time.  I am thankful to anyone that steps in to help and refuses to let this continue.

A woman in Kansas was going about her business like any other day when she found a young pit bull passed out on her porch.

She was shocked but she knew she couldn’t just leave him outside. What she did next began a long road to recovery for this puppy.

The 5-month-old pit bull named Jax was found but no one knew how he got there.  Vets suspected that he was forced to participate in illegal dog fights.

He was in terrible shape.  The gaping wounds around his neck were deep.  His big brown eyes were swollen shut.

When she found him she immediately called a dog rescue organization.  The rescue transported him to a animal hospital. Jax received the much needed treatment and food. He also got a chance to rest (without worry or fear).

Every evening, she visited him at the hospital. The two forged a strong bond and slowly but surely, a spark returned to Jax’s eyes.

You can watch the full video of Jax’s transformation and incredible road to recovery below.