Puppy Abandoned on The Roadside In a Bag With His Siblings Gets Rescued and Finds The Perfect Family

November 19, 2017 Other

The day the rescuers found him and his siblings, Bernie was stuffed in a bag lying on the side of the road. Truly speaking, whoever dropped that bag there must have been one heck of a heartbreaker. I mean, who does that to such little innocent souls?!

But fate had other plans. He and his beautiful siblings were rescued and taken to safety by Howl Of A Dog. That’s where they started their journey to “adulthood” and strong physiques. Bernie was assigned to a foster mom, Theia, who made a point of showering the little pup with all the love in the world. However, Bernie had to get a forever home of his own. And he did!

Bernie now lives in England with his nice owner, and it doesn’t pass a day that he doesn’t enjoy. The now big dog loves taking in the breeze at the shores of the sea and playing around.
Watch him live his enviable life in the video below and SHARE with all your friends. Bernie deserves all the happiness!