Protective dad grills daughter’s date through doorbell camera in hilarious video

October 9, 2019 Stories

Mr. Pedro was at work when his daughter’s date arrived to pick her up at their home in Massachusetts — but his physical absence didn’t prevent him from a routine interrogation on behalf of his daughter, Grace.

“Here’s the video of my sisters date picking her up and my dad answering the doorbell and just watch them ‘meet’ each other for the first time,” Grace’s brother wrote on Instagram.

It’s no wonder this hilarious clip is going viral.

Mr. Pedro, who has always been considered a big prankster by those who know him, saw Jared standing on his front porch and began speaking to him through the Ring doorbell app.

“I get to see your face, but you don’t get to see mine,” he gleefully boasted to his daughter’s suitor.

Like any protective father would do, Mr. Pedro took the opportunity to grill poor Jared about their plans for the evening, which included dinner and a movie, and what time they’d be home. He even joked about taking a photo of Jared’s license plate, just in case.

Finally, Grace opened the door to save Jared from the impromptu questioning … Watch the funny video below: