Principal Takes Center Position With Step Team – Minute into Music, Her Skills Has All Students on Their Feet

December 6, 2017 Stories

Students from Lake Mary High School were treated to a spectacular performance from their school principal and the school’s step team. It was a secret well-kept by the Unity Revolution step team from the rest of the school.

49-year-old Dr. Donna Reynolds replaced the school’s former principal who went to another school. Donna knew the students would take time to adjust to a new principal and she had to do something.

The Unity Revolution team took their place on stage as the others watched. The music began and the team begins its routine.

Every move they bust is received with cheers until something unexpected happens. Donna joins the team and the audience goes berserk. Donna is dressed in the team’s signature outfit comprising of black snickers, camouflage pants, and the senior’s t-shirt.

The principal’s presence on stage surprises many as she joins the formation. Her dance moves are well- choreographed, and the students could not help but cheer her on.
When the team walks out of the stage, Donna makes a move that makes the students and staff members go nuts. It is amazing how the 49-year-old kept up with the students’ performance.
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