Pregnant mom thought it was a normal maternity photo, then discovers the set up

August 18, 2017 Stories


Jazzy was excited and eager to receive her second baby in motherliness photo shoot next to her spouse Rich and their child Reign.

They chose to set up the shoot when Jazzy a few days to the birth of the baby.

It had been pouring heavily in Atlanta, but on the day of the photo shoot, the excited family got lucky. They, at last, got a bright and clear afternoon. Jazzy had her makeup by a team of experts and chose an attractive, cherry belly-baring dress.

In the footage below, the three strolls deep into the forests until they arrive at the stunning waterfall.

But Jazzy is not aware Rich has great plans for the photo session, and the camera persons were involved as well.

And to imagine that Jazzy has been telling her partner that he would never succeed to have a surprise like one.

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