Pregnant mom asks daughter to “walk like Mommy walks” – Her imitation is hilariously accurate

December 17, 2017 Other

Mom is pregnant with another child, and this little toddler has noticed how it is affecting Mom. She’s only 15-months-old, but she’s super observant. She looks up to Mommy, like any other child her age, and as a result, she notices everything.

In the video below, Mom asks the little girl, “How does Mama walk?” What she does next sends the entire family into hysterics.

The little girl leans back, puffs out her stomach, and then starts to walk around the house. Much like the little girl who was told to “stand like mommy stands,” this little girl’s imitation is spot-on. She notices that Mommy’s tummy is growing bigger and makes sure to emphasize that.

Dad even joins in on the fun while the family dog is slightly unsure why the toddler is walking differently. My favorite part was watching the little girl’s hilarious expressions. They are priceless! She seems so proud that she can make her parents laugh.