Postal worker delivers mail to house only to find sign on porch that spreads like wildfire

June 9, 2018 Stories

As much many of us can’t wait for hot weather and sunshine to do all the fun activities: BBQs, swimming and overall outdoor fun. the unforgiving heat wave can cause difficulties for homeless people and those who work outside every single day like postal worker for example. the high temperatures can be very dangerous to them.

One of the most important cautions to take in consideration is to stay dehydrated when going outside. For this reason, the residents in a village in Oklahoma decided to do a little something for the good, hard-working postal service people. Before long, coolers full of ice cold water bottles started to appear outside every single house in the area.
Many of the coolers had messages on the top of them for the postal staff to see. What was inside these mysterious coolers? Well, the residents had filled each of them to the brim with bottles of fresh, cold water

Some of the residents even provided other options like sports drinks. It’s a brilliant act of kindness that can even be used for sanitation workers, landscapers, and policemen. Watch the KOCO 5 News report below to find out more about this awesome idea that would be perfect on those hot summer days!

This is another reminder that it’s the little things that really count! If you loved this idea, please share to spread this act of kindness!