Postal carrier delivers package to door – takes a look through window and his blood runs cold

November 17, 2018 Stories

It’s during moments of crisis where we really find out who we are. Those moments when things stop making sense and the world around us seems to fly past at a millions miles a second. Are we the sort of people to stand up and be counted; to shoulder responsibility and rush towards danger as opposed to away from it? Or are we the type to think first and foremost of ourselves, and leave the problem for someone else?

Postal carrier Willie Farrow undoubtedly belongs to the former category. After his heroic recent actions, he’s getting the recognition he deserves.

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During his 14 years as a postal carrier, Willie Farrow has seen and done a lot of things.

But nothing of the sort that he would encounter one morning whilst in the process of going about his usual rounds.

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It started as a normal day. Willie had been about his usual route in the city of Winston-Salmon, North Carolina when he arrived at one of the regular houses.

The house belonged to an older woman who usually needed things delivered to the door. When Willie got her home on this particular day, though, he quickly realized something was wrong.

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What Willie spotted made his blood run cold. The woman was lying, immobile, on the floor.

“She was lying on the floor, it looked like a lot of items had been pulled off the shelves. Maybe she was reaching up, you know, to try and get up off the floor, and couldn’t at the time. I did notice some blood on the floor area, so I was worried she was in danger,” Willie told WXII 12 News.

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Willie knew he had to act fast. He grabbed his phone, called for an ambulance and then remained with the woman until first responders arrived.

The elderly woman was immediately taken to hospital, where doctors stated she could have died had she not received the care she needed. Although it’s not known what medical condition caused her collapse, WXII 12 News were able to confirm that the woman is okay now.

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The woman herself declined to comment on the incident, though her family members expressed a huge thank-you to postal carrier Willie Farrow, who might well have saved her life.

He happened to be in the right place at the right time, and acted without hesitation when he noticed something was amiss.

Watch the clip of postal carrier Willie below:

I’m just so thankful that the post carrier appeared in the nick of time to save this woman, otherwise it could well have been a different story.

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