Poor kitty got its head stuck in cup – Moments later, an unexpected savior comes to the rescue

July 24, 2018 Pets

We’ve all done things we’re embarrassed about, and this kitty is no exception. Can you imagine sticking your head into something and then being unable to withdraw it? (You’ve probably seen—or experienced—the kid who sticks his head through a fence or railing and then can’t get it back out. I know I have!)

This elegant cat has gotten herself in a quandary. She seems to have found something very interesting in a plastic cup, but when she tries to back out of the situation, she can’t. So what does she do? She keeps backing up.

Now I know it’s sad. Poor kitty is probably on the edge of panic. Yet I can’t help but chuckle over her situation. It’s too much like something I, myself, would do. And she just keeps backing up.

Obviously cats don’t know anything about physics, as she seems to think her constant backwards movement will somehow dislodge the cup from her poor little kitty head.

Still backing up, she is traveling in circles. Poor kitty! Who will save her from herself?

Enter the hero! Like Zorro in his black raiment, this beautiful black dog quickly discerns the problem and decides to step in and save the day (not to mention the cat).

For just a second or two, I was worried when that huge mouth came down on the cup. I mean, really! The cat’s head was inside of it!

But like the famed hero, he grabs the cup and quickly pulls it off the cat’s head.

Whew! Free at last! And like the masked crusader, the dog rides off into the sunset, without so much as a glance from the rescued heroine of our story.

That’s gratitude for you.

Watch the cat’s rescue in the video below: