Police officers find hungry family of four living behind a store, immediately spring into action

December 5, 2019 Stories

Shannon Loveless, a mom of three kids was going through hard times with her little family. They were living out of her van for four months. However, this has changed the day Johnny Le and Tim Yee, two deputies with Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, came across their camping area behind a Walmart in Sacramento, California.

What happened next stunned her, warmed her heart, and gave her renewed hope for her family.

As she was making lunch behind that Walmart, she was startled by the deputies walking up and was initially worried about what was going to happen next. “It was kind of a shock because I didn’t know whether we were going to get in trouble or what,” she told CBS Sacramento.

However, that was not what Le and Yee had in mind. They knew that these were people in need. Le even said later that he got “kind of choked up” seeing the children “dirty and hungry.”

What happened next was not at all what Loveless was expecting. Le and Yee immediately got the family some food so that they could eat properly and some toys to help take their minds off their troubles.

And it didn’t stop there as they wanted to help the family find a permanent solution to their situation. They ensured that they were off the streets and moved into a motel that same day, and plans are in the works to get them more permanent accommodation. Loveless responded to all of these unexpected developments with a renewed vigor and confidence in her situation, saying, “The motivation is [now] there, the morale is there.”

This came after several months of solely depending on food banks and any other food that they could procure elsewhere to feed themselves, in addition to spending that time camping in the woods and living out of their vehicle. And Loveless never imagined that help would come in the way it did and from the people it did.

“We only see the negative side of police officers, and to see this side of them is something really awesome,” Loveless said to CBS. She added that she was so happy to have her children do normal kid things like watch cartoons in addition to simply having a warm bed to sleep in.

What are some of the best things that you’ve seen police officers do in your community?