Police officer pulls mom’s car over for speeding – looks at her son’s face and tells them to step out

September 19, 2018 Stories

You instantly become nervous when you suddenly get pulled over by a police officer. You start wondering. Was I speeding? Is one of my taillights out?

But what happened with Adrienne Hudson and her 7-year-old, Jacob, was at first anxious but quickly turned out into a terrifying experience ….

Jacob has pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders (PANDAS)—a disorder associated with streptococcal infections that can cause anxiety or irrational behavior.  Symptoms include obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette syndrome-like symptoms, separation anxiety, memory loss and hyperactivity.

It also means that Jacob often gets anxious. And when the police pulled his mom’s car over, he sat in the backseat worrying.

Two officers approached the car and started asking Adrienne some questions to which she responded calmly and nicely. However, Jacob, who was sitting in the back seat, began to panic. He was shaking and wanted to flee the car.

“The lights and such when getting pulled over were sensory overload for him,” Hudson wrote on Facebook.

One of the officers, named Adam Hamilton, noticed how the little boy started to panic. The officer had no clue of the boy’s health condition but he still decided to go the extra mile to ease his anxiety by inviting Jacob to sit in his police cruiser.

Then they showed Jacob their police car, let him sit in it and took some pictures of him sitting inside, looking happy and proud.

It’s just amazing how a simple act of kindness can make a huge positive difference in someone else’s life. Way to go, officer Hamilton!

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