Police officer is filmed beating a homeless man – but keep an eye on the kid on the right

August 2, 2018 Stories

Moe and ET have done a number of social experiments in the past, but this one involving their little brother, Omar, packs an emotional punch. The pair wanted to see how a homeless youth would be treated on the streets in comparison to a homeless man, so they had Omar pose as homeless and sit next to a homeless man, who was a veteran.

What soon becomes evident is that the passersby are far more generous to Omar than the actual homeless man. In one instance, a policewoman actually berates the homeless man. But a truly shocking moment comes at 4:09.
 Despite being verbally abused and having food thrown at him, the homeless man demonstrates a kind and compassionate heart to the boy beside him, who he believes to be homeless too.
Watch the emotional social experiment in the video below:

Are people really that heartless? Share if you were also inspired by this video. Maybe people will think twice the next time they see a person in need!