Police Officer Finds Two Scared Pit Bulls Left on The Street, Snuggles With Them until Help Arrived

October 17, 2017 Dogs


The Pit Bulls
Most of people have this perception that pit bull dogs are one type of dogs that are nothing close to a friend to people. They say they are aggressive and savage for people to look after them, but that is not the case.

Two pit bulls in the streets of Florida sadly left to search for food. Now a person walking had seen the police officers were looking after the dogs. These officers were looking after the dogs before support on them could arrive.

The Orange County Deputies of the Sheriff’s Department arrived in moments and went for an aid to the scared nervous pit bulls. The sheriff’s department then made an announcement on their Facebook page and said that the two of their deputies had discovered the charming and kind natured pit bulls very early in the mornings of Thursday. Both of them were terrified on seeing the dogs had sustained an injury and thought even worse. It was such a shame.

Adam, gave the sheriff’s department the picture that he had taken of department Reed and department Boggs making friends with the dogs.

Adam also shared on Facebook how the two police deputies took care of the pit bull dogs ever though one had bleeding problems on a leg until the Animal Services arrived and treated the dogs. He was very happy to share on how he took the pictures and how much the pictures spoke.

All these does not only show us how these officers are kind natured of law but it all elaborates clearly that pit bull dogs are not the savage and dangerous dogs that they are now safe and sound at the Animal services at Orange County. The duo has been named Liberty and Justice.

The Animal Services says that the dogs are doing well and are soon ready for adoption, but for the time being, they are under massive care from the staff.
From the reports received about the pit bulls being dangerous and savage clearly show how most people cannot look after dogs in actuality. Dogs are mild type of animals which with the right type of love and care, they are amazing.