Pitbull Dumped in Supermarket Parking Becomes The First Ever Pit Bull Officer in New York State

November 6, 2017 Stories

An animals’ rescuer discovered that Dwayne, an innocent and healthy dog had been mistreated by his former owner through abuse such as using crooked sticks and wires to stay loyal and obedient. She found out that the dog had been neglected at an early age in the streets and left to fend everything for herself. She suffered the wrath of other bigger dogs that wanted her food. Wayne was subjected continuously to prejudice to the extent of hurting his ears.

The Good Samaritan thought it would be wise to ensure that the dog was under the right care and treatment at a reputable Animal Shelter called Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. As a method of surviving the violence in the streets, the dog sought love and affection from every other animal and person he spotted. While in the home, Dwayne underwent advanced medical procedures that saw to it her limbs and facial parts being repaired.

In conjunction with the Hellen Home, another facility by the name Vet-Stem Biopharma thought it should chip in and help to cover the medical bills that came with the dog. It is worth noting that some of the procedures were quite expensive, but the latter healthcare organization was more than willing to participate in the process and chose to offer it for free. A combination of laser therapy and cell therapy ensured that the dog received the best of all available care with the hope of giving it a better life. The two healthcare institutes worked for hand in hand to assure the dog of good health.

The benefits of laser types of medication have proved that recovery is faster as it reduces instances of inflammation that may have occurred either internally or externally as well about the injuries of the dog. When Dwayne’s story got to the attention of the public, all potential adopters were required to submit a short statement of close to hundred words saying why they deserve to raise the dog. Luckily enough, Nelly Kelle won the competition, and now Dwayne has learned how to be a dog again.