People ignored this freezing kitten on the roadside – Then kind man finally pulls ove

January 24, 2018 Stories

It’s a snowy day, and people are driving in their cars. But no one wants to stop to save a little life. Slavia has to do something!

This is a story from January. Slavia was driving when he came across a little cat freezing in the snow by the roadside. Everyone in front of him seemed blind to the fact that this cat was about to die. But this guy has a heart of gold. He knew he had to help this poor thing, so he stepped out of his car and took the cat. He rushed over to his dad’s house and they made a warm bed for the little one. They made sure to turn up the heat to full capacity to help get the frost off the cat’s body. As hours went by, she began to recover. She made it!

Nika is now all okay and has even found a nice forever home where she can spend the rest of her life getting showered with lots of love. Watch the video here and appreciate her cuteness.
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