Pastors Son Hops Up On Stage Before Service, Delivers Sermon That Has Entire Church In Stitches

May 17, 2019 Stories

Raising children is not an easy job. Every parent strives to educate their children to become as good and honest as possible. Children repeat a lot of our actions, so it is best to teach children with our actions.Little ones quickly learn new things, and often they are a clean copy of their parents with their behavior.

Ryan Marlow, Youtube
This was the case in a video that made many laughing at the end of last year. A little boy named Levi Marlow of North Carolina was so excited about his father that he prepared a speech in a church before the start of the ceremony.

His father, Ryan Marlow, is a pastor, who repeatedly shares beautiful thoughts and anecdotes from the past with the gathered farans in the church.

Source: klipland