Pastor donates kidney to stranger. During transplant, a scary discovery makes surgeons stop dead in their tracks

October 21, 2018 Stories

Some people believe in fate, others think life’s strange occurrences just happen to be coincidence.

For Don Herbert his chance stop at a church yard sale one day led to not just one life being saved but possibly two. Call it fate or a coincidence but this is a story of faith and love that has lit up the internet.

The former professional wrestler turned gospel singer was passing the North Carolina church with his wife when they noticed a sign and decided to stop.

But it was the gospel music coming from the church that led Don to Pastor Tim Jones, the man who would end up saving his life.


They both shared a love of gospel music and Don left that day with an invite to sing with Pastor Jones.

What Don didn’t share with his new friend was the personal struggle he had endured for more than a decade.


Don had just undergone a liver transplant just six months earlier after more than a decade of sickness. This operation was successful but now his kidneys were failing.

His wife was beside herself with worry and out of desperation posted on Facebook asking if anyone could help.

Pastor Jones saw the post and immediately contacted Don and his wife, offering to help in any way he could.

Don and his wife were overjoyed and Pastor Jones agreed to take the test to see if he was a match for donation. When the test results came back, it turned out he was a perfect match.


As if that wasn’t remarkable enough, when surgeons started to operate on both men, they discovered something in Pastor Jones’ body that caused alarm.

During the operation, surgeons discovered that Pastor Jones had an aneurysm, that could have killed him if it had continued to go undetected.

Find out more about Pastor Jones and Don’s remarkable story in the video below:

God works his miracles to his children his way. God bless both of these families!

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