Parents attend dance class with their kids – stun everyone with epic dance routine that’s going viral

January 8, 2019 Stories


For some kids, having their parents at their dance class can be intimidating while it can be a time to showcase their talents for others. Some parents jump right in and get down on the dance floor with their children, and there are other parents who seem uncoordinated. A mother and father attended their child’s dance class and showed everyone in the room a surprising routine.

Phil Wright happened to be in the room with the kids and the parents when they started dancing. As a choreographer, he knows dance moves. He also knows talent when he sees it on the dance floor. There was not a straight face in the room when the mom and dad started dancing with their daughter.

The song that the parents danced to was “Let’s Groove” by Earth Wind & Fire. Other parents were dancing with their children as well. The event seemed to come together when one mom and dad team walked to the middle of the floor and took over.

Since this is a somewhat older song, many of the parents knew the lyrics and the movements behind it, making it easier for them to dance and showcase their talents.

Some of the parents danced with their children in the class while other parents danced while holding their children! The class was full of excitement that day thanks to the invitations offered by the kids and the first steps of a mother and father who wanted to show that not all adults are uncoordinated.

Take a peek at this awesome family-friendly dance routine below. They can all move, that’s for sure!

Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your family and friends. They won’t want to miss this upbeat video.