Paddle-boarder is approached by a killer whale and a breathtaking encounter follow

August 26, 2017 Pets


The day Luke Reilly gave in to an urge to go use his paddleboard in the sea, he had no idea that he wouldn’t be getting out of that vast water body without having a run-in with some aquatic stranger. That’s before he sensed something right behind him as he worked his board. Shock!

It was a whale, a killer one for that matter. But Luke isn’t the type to lose his cool so fast. He remained calm and composed, and when the aggressive creature tried to take a bite of his board, he skipped and dodged to safety.

He even called out a “hey!”

All this while, the lucky guy was filming the incident. After some time, the stranger got bored and turned away and disappeared into the distance.

Watch the clip here and see what this guy captured.

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