One in 1 million photographs captured, but the photographer does not realize until he gets home

February 25, 2018 Other


Nature is something more than the ordinary, and there are things that happen with seem too good to be true. The notion of perfect coincidences can only be found in nature, and most of us get to see the beauty that it illustrates to everything that is surrounding us.

One such thing happened in Costa Brava located in north-eastern Spain where a mass of starlings started to gather around in a shape shifting cloud formation. This is otherwise known as murmuration. This is a wonderful spectacle, and with thousands of birds swirling and twisting around in what seems to be a single organism, but totally coordinated in order to create startling formations and shapes.

Daniel Biber from Hilzingen, Germany was in that place when the starlings began making such a formation, which was most likely due to having a predator in its vicinity. It seems that it was a super natural response to the predator, as if to suggest to that single bird, that they are bigger than it.

This has made Mr Biber get the prestigious International photography competition prize; however he did not realize the gravity of it until later on when he checked the photo. It was only when he started checking the photo in his computer that he realized that this was a particular formation taken on by the starlings.

It was all a case of patients which has rewarded Mr Biber with the ultimate photo, as he had been able to try unsuccessfully a few times in order to capture this particular tendency. Eventually, he managed to drive to the same spot for days in a row just so that he would be able to capture it, and he ended up getting one that had the perfect background as well as for ground so that he could put them in a certain scene.

You can scroll down and check out the incredible shots and find out the beauty and the invigorating nature of the starlings.