Old woman spots 4 strangers in her yard – when she finds out what they’re doing, she breaks into tears

March 16, 2018 Stories


You would probably be a bit worried if you see a bunch of youths you don’t know on your property.

That’s exactly what happened with 75-year-old Gerry Suttle, who had a warrant out for her arrest warrant.

Gerry kept watching the boys and when when she realized what they were doing, she was moved to tears.

Four young Texas brothers saw earlier this month on the news a report of Gerry being issued with a warrant of arrest because her grass was very high. The young boys made up their mind to load their mowers and get the job done for Gerry, though they had never met her before, they said that they felt it was the right thing for them to help the old lady.

Since it was a summer day and the season had not turned into Hawaiian falls, what they could do was to go out and issue a helping hand. That was according to one of the boys called Blame who took part in mowing.

In no time, the boys were there cutting the tall grass, while the sun scorching above them. All they needed to do was to save the old woman. While doing that, all the community joined in and together they finished the entire yard in a couple of hours.

Amid tears, the old woman made the effort of meeting the four brothers and thanking them from the bottom of her heart. Since the grass is short now, she can present herself in front of the judge to let her warrant be dropped.

This story shows that you should never judge a book by its cover, and it really gives me hope for humanity.

Watch the news report the boys’ act of kindness below:

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