Officer saves little girl from abusive home — 20 years later, she tracks him down and asks one question

January 28, 2018 Stories

The police have been on the receiving end of all negativity. Everybody seems to forget the amazing things the police do and are quick to point fingers and blame them when bad things happen.

Sally Zheng had a difficult childhood. At 14, she was placed in a foster home and had a hard time with the transition. However, Officer Ralph Torres was there for the teenager during her hardest times.

Ralph became a pillar of hope to the teenage girl. Zheng graduated high school and college, but he never forgot Ralph. She later became a police officer with the NYPD, but she never stopped missing Torres.

Zheng never stopped searching for Torres. It was difficult to find him since he had retired.  One day, Zheng was in for a surprise. She was on duty and was waiting for the roll call.

The police commissioner walked in and announced if anyone knew Officer Ralph. Zheng heard the name, and she broke into tears. Just then, Torres walked into the room and handed the flowers to the young lady.

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