Nervous Teen Enters The Stage for Talent Show – Within Seconds, The Whole Crowd Goes Wild

November 9, 2017 Other


A student at Pitman High School in California stole the show at his school’s talent show with his rendition of Michael Jackson’s hit “Billie Jean.”

Brett Nichols grew up watching Michael Jackson videos religiously, but little did he know one day he would be the center of attention with his performance of the late superstar’s famed song “Billie Jean” generating over 5.5 million views one day after being uploaded to YouTube.

Skip to 1:11 to watch Brett Nichols’s performance, who won the competition. It is exciting to see those moves making their way through generations. Nichols certainly proved he’s got the moves like Jackson.

“Michael Jackson is the king of music. No one in pop culture today or ever can compare to him. He is the quintessential person of music. Ever since I saw him, I’ve been a big fan and he has been sort of like a role model to me,” said Nichols.

While Nichols didn’t anticipate that his personal interests would generate such attention, he is hopeful that those who view his video will be encouraged to pursue their own passion.

Check out the performance in the video below and see how awesome this teenager’s moves are..
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