Nervous Teen Breaks Down in Tears after Singing “Hallelujah”, Has No Idea Judge is About to Hit Golden Buzzer

November 12, 2017 Stories

For teen Kyle Tomlinson, singing was an inflamed passion that could not be extinguished. In fact, at just 12, Kyle entered Britain’s Got Talent to try a move at the top prize, but that didn’t quite work. He didn’t sing to the judges’ impression. One of the Judges even dismissed him rather harshly, telling him to go get a few singing lessons!

It was a sad moment for Kyle, but he isn’t the type to curl up in misery and give up his passion. He planned a comeback!

In the video, you get to watch the teen make a comeback to the show 3 years later. Coincidentally, the judge who dismissed him the last time, judge David Williams, is on the show. You want to see what transpires in this scene!

The moment Kyle takes on “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, people start trying to get up. By the time he’s done, everyone is on their feet for a standing ovation for this budding star. David Williams is so impressed; he can’t help hitting the Golden Buzzer. Kyle has done it!

This is a must watch.
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