Nervous little ballerina gets stage fright, Dad instantly jumps in to help her finish in style

June 13, 2018 Other

Dads are awesome human beings. Of course, every dad has his own way of raising, but overall they look out for their children. Some dads like to act cool but they ended up embarrassing their kids, but I’m sure most of us wouldn’t expect a dad’s ballet dance to be embarrassment-free.

No parent wants to see their little kids struggling or get embarrassed. Luckily, some dads don’t hesitate for a second to step in and showcase their talents if it helps their tiny tots out. Afterall, there’s nothing a dad’s love can’t overcome, including stage fright.

When Bella, 2, began to melt down during a ballet performance in Hamilton, Bermuda, her dad, Marc Daniels, immediately jumped on stage and save the day – even if he was also carrying her baby sister, Suri. having memorized the moves after practicing with his daughter for weeks. he ended up joining the little girl on their dance.

“Despite having a tantrum, I can tell she wanted to stay on stage, and I didn’t want to discourage her before the big performance by making her be the only one to come off,” he explained. “It was definitely instinctive [to jump on stage] and I really didn’t even consider my actions.”

This loving dad didn’t care about embarrassment, he was just in it to make his daughter smile and help her in her hour of need. His confidence surely rubbed off on his little princess who seemed less nervous in his presence thanks to his step-by-step demonstration.

Daniels’ dance moves and heroic dad gesture got him wild applause from the audience, and an invite to join the performers during his daughters’ next recital.

“Before having the girls I don’t think I’d ever attempted any ballet moves before,” he said. “Maybe it’s never too late to become a ballerina.”

The Motion School of Dance posted the adorable video of the dad’s ballet dance on their Facebook page with the caption:

“In Motion Dads are the best ? Sometimes, you simply need your dad on stage to help bring out your inner ballerina!”

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