Nervous 68-year-old woman takes the stage – Then she sings “Highway to Hell” and leaves everyone in awe

May 7, 2019 Other

Jenny Darren is a proof that age is just a number. This 68-year-old rocking lady had her moments when she appeared on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent and she totally rocked it.

She first started singing at the age of 12, and from that moment on, music is inseparable part of her life. Although she initially was into rock music, she soon crossed over into classical and jazz beats.

This rocker is a huge fan of AC/DC and they had a significant impact on her life. During the late 70’s she was their supporting act. Jenny released four albums with features that included celebrities such as Nicko McBrain, the Iron Maiden drummer, and that’s really something not many people can boast about.

Her appearance on the show was a huge success. When she stood in front of the judges and the audience she looked like a typical lady with her cardigan and her hair in a bun. Her looks deceived everyone into thinking that she would perform some classical song, but they were all wrong. Just before she started, she took her long skirt off and revealed a black combo of leather t-shirt, skirt, and boots. Wow, a typical rocker!

She performed the hit “Highway to Hell” and that’s when she left everyone in awe. Her talent was obvious and everyone could sense how self-confident she was regarding her incredible singing skills.

The judges were all smiles, and they definitely enjoyed this one in a lifetime performance.

Looking at Jenny Simon said, “You’re a little tiger, no, you’re a big tiger aren’t you?” Needles to say, she got all four yesses.