Navy Have No Idea What’s Under Water – When They Get a Closer Look, They All Jump

May 17, 2018 Stories


The Sri Lankan Navy was on a patrol routine on 11th July, 2017 when they spotted something trying to float on the water. Upon taking a closer look, they realized it was an elephant.

The elephants wade through or sometimes swim across the shallow waters as a shortcut. However, the currents were too strong and they swept the poor animals almost 10 miles from the shore.

The elephant was trying to stay afloat and the Navy officials stepped in to assist.

They wore a scuba gear, dived into the water and tied a rope around the animal. Fortunately, the animal calmed down making the rescue process an easy one.

One of the officials got to the animal’s back to calm it down while the rest dragged it to the shore. The wildlife officials inspected the animal for any injuries before releasing it to the wild.

Thanks to the Navy for being at the right place and at the right time, the animal survived. Watch the incredible footage and SHARE on Facebook.