Nanny’s babysitting boy when she hears noises upstairs. Then dad sees terrifying security footage

February 18, 2019 Stories

When she got hired by a nice couple as a nanny to their 3-year-old son, Jenna Lee Baker knew the kind of responsibility that these trusting parents were placing on her. She was to be a protector and a friend to the little one. She always did her job excellently.

However, her spectacular job is now witnessed by the whole world as a result of one particular incident that has had the homeowners, Jonathan Lai and his wife, in shock. It all happened one day when Baker and the kid came home from a jog and walked in.

Baker immediately sensed something wrong. She called the kid close to her for better protection. Next? Shock!

Turns out, a burglar had broken into the home and was running down the stairs aggressively. Baker had no time to spare. She grabbed the kid and fled to a neighbor’s home for protection. The incident was captured on the cameras in the home. This nanny is the best!

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