Mysterious Shark Lookalike Creatureq Keep Popping Up— Even Scientists Don’t Know Why

February 6, 2018 Videos

Are Two Heads Really Better than One?

I’m sure by now most of us have heard the term by now, “Two heads are better than one” right? Well, that may not always be the case… Apparently, two headed sharks are being found in our oceans in different areas of the world. Two headed sharks have been found in the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, near the coast of Australia, and even in the Gulf of Mexico. Ironically, these deformed creatures are appearing more and more over time. The question is, why?

What Is Causing this Genetic Mutation?

Scientists have presumed that the two-headed mutations being found in sharks could be being caused by over-fishing, which has caused a shocking 90% decline in the worldwide shark population. They hypothesize that this decline is shrinking the gene pools, causing sharks to inbreed, and leading to physical abnormalities. Another assumption, is that toxic waste or in general, human pollution may be contributing to these mutations in growth. However, since pollution levels differ from one geographical area to another, the over-fishing and genetic hypotheses is probably a more believable one. Look at where these sharks originate from and see what you think!

Reported Cases of Sharks with Two Heads
Cases of shark fetuses with polycephaly, the condition of having multiple heads, have been reportedly found off the California coast, Australia, Spain, and the Gulf of Mexico near the Florida Keys. Some of the species found to have this malformation have been bull sharks, Atlantic saw tail catsharks, fiddler ray sharks, and blue sharks. It’s hard to find a connection when the shark populations, fishing industries, toxicity levels, and more all vary from area to area. What makes figuring this anomaly out even tougher however,is the fact that one of these reporting’s actually came from a laboratory in Spain. Conclusively, laboratory finding adds in a factor that would rule out over fishing and pollution, and only leave two plausible options… Inbreeding, and random genetic malformations, one of which may be able to be figured out by evaluating the laboratory’s breeding process.

Final Thoughts

With Earth’s oceans covering 71% of its surface, and the population growing increasingly larger, it would be safe to assume that we could come across more of these in the future, just by mere chance. Shark experts and researchers have concluded that most of these two-headed sharks don’t survive long after birth and, that’s if they make it that far. For this reason, the chances of running across a two-headed shark that could actually attack you are pretty slim. We are not totally ruling out the possibility, but this is a genetic mutation that weakens their vigor in the wild, and all of the ones that have been found, have been either dead or close to it. Bottom line… Our thoughts on this topic are that the occurrences must be random, and are most likely NOT dangerous for humans! Feel free to leave comments, and take care!

Source: This Mysterious Shark-Like Creature Is Appearing In Ocean Waters by INSH