Mom wakes up by man’s voice in baby monitor, then realizes she’s never heard this voice before

April 17, 2018 Stories

Parents out there have something new to worry about. In the video below, two babies are featured who have been subjected to horrifying positions. A man is seen shining some light on the baby after breaking in within the first video.

It is even more horrifying when Mom Heather Schreck and hubby Adam from Ohio heard some strange sounds at night. Then they discover that their baby monitor is the source of the strange sounds. It was a voice of an unfamiliar man shouting “wake up baby” at the baby. When the father enters the room, the monitor turns and faces him and screams some obscenities at him.

As discussed by the security expert within the video, the offender must have used the Wi-Fi to hack in. When the company was contacted by the family, the news did not surprise them either. They were advised to change the password of their Wi-Fi to one that is not predictable and to ensure the monitor system has up-to-date updates. Those were the only recommendations they received though they still have fears of a similar thing happening.

Learn how to prevent such an intrusion and security breech in the video below. How frightening!
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