Mom of four leaned over car’s engine to fix simple issue. Now she’s sending horrific warning to others

June 22, 2018 Other

When a problem happens with our car, many of us try to solve it without the help of a mechanic. That’s what Alon Abare did. The mother of four turned on her car one day, revved the engine and popped the hood, but she never thought that that one easy mistake would turn her life upside down. Now Alon is sending an important message to warn others to be careful about the tiny detail she ignored. Everyone should know about her story.

The terrifying story started when Alon remarked her car was having issues. Without sufficient money to ask for professional help, Alon decided to look into it so she opened the hood and took a peek inside. All of sudden , her head was pulled down toward the engine and she was in horrible pain. Luckily, her kids came running to her rescue when they heard her screams. Without their quick intervention, Alon could’ve been dead by now. Alon was urgently taken to the hospital where doctors told her that she made a life-risking mistake. This was something she didn’t even think about before sticking her head under the hood – and it’s a simple act that she’s warning other women about before it’s too late.

Now Alon has to undergo surgeries and transplants to get back to her former self. Her small mistake has cost her a lot of money to pay medical bills, almost left her children motherless and her car needed even more work after she was freed from its grip. Find out what Alon did wrong in the video below:
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