Mom notices red marks on her baby’s face – sets up hidden camera and discovers horrifying truth

January 14, 2018 Other

At a certain point, parents are forced to make a choice, the best childcare for their baby.

Although you remain at home when the kids are still young, you cannot be everywhere every moment of the day. There is a possibility that you will have to leave them with somebody reliable. If you do not have a relative nearby, trust a qualified expert.

Doing this means trusting that your preferred childcare giver will care for your infant as their own.

A Vietnamese employed a nanny to assist with their infant girl when they had to resume work. But after they realized that their girl time and again wept in her slumber and had red spots on her face, they started to believe something was wrong.

Their nanny, Nguyen Thi Han, had been with them for two months. The family set up a secret camera in their home. They were shocked when they saw what the camera recorded.

In the recording, the nanny was captured continually beating the little girl on her body and face. She then tosses the frightened little girl in the air many times.

According to The Epoch Times, immediately Ngoc Phuong, the girl’s mother, saw the recording, she called the police and nanny was detained. She also posted the video on social platforms.

World Vision Vietnam reports that approximately 4000 incidents of child mistreatment are reported each year in Vietnam.
You can see the clip Ngoc Phuong shared on social media below. Warning: Graphic images!

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