Mom Notices Baby Daughter Acting Strange, So Sets Up Camera and Calls Cops on Nanny After Watching It

October 24, 2017 Other


So it’s 2014, and Whitney Matney is mom to a lovely daughter, Raylee. Since she’s still a student, she and her hubby, Chris, decide to hire a nanny to look after Raylee when they’re out.

Whitney figured that she could trust her former high school classmate to be the nicest nanny for her child, so she hired her, but soon after, the little baby girl started acting weirdly. Raylee would run and hide behind her parents whenever the nanny showed up. This really ate at Whitney. She didn’t know why her child was acting so strangely, so she decided to set up a nanny cam to find out. The findings broke her heart!

Turns out, the “trusted” nanny wasn’t really a nanny. She was a monster who enjoyed spanking and shaking kids for the thrill of it. Well, the nanny cam caught her red-handed, although she tried to hide the deed by turning the camera to face the wall. But it was too late!

Whitney called the cops on her immediately. The mom is now working hard to ensure no other kids go through what Raylee went through.
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