Mom holds baby and starts singing in church, but it’s baby’s next move that’s lighting up the internet

March 9, 2018 Stories

Every parent gets those special “feels” the first day they bring their newborn to church, and that’s what this mom was experiencing too. It’s always an emotional moment getting to introduce your little one to church members and setting them up for a life in the righteous path.

However, the first trip to church for this little one, was something everyone is going to remember for a long time. While he was sitting quietly, he heard a member of the choir singing, so he decided to just babble right along with her!

Mom quickly grabbed her camera and started filming the whole thing, and we’re glad she did it!

When the kid is introduced to singing hymns and praying, this mostly takes root after the child has grown to some point, say 3 or more years, that’s when they’re in a position to belt out a few lines of prayers and hymns. But what if all that changed? What if a child could start singing hymns within the first day at church? What if they can do all that within just a few weeks after birth? The kid in the video broke all records!

But for a tiny little one this small, it is no wonder that his singing drew the attention of the congregational members around him. He’s enjoying the sound of his mother’s voice and doing his very best to copy it in his own precious way.

This little adorable one enjoys every second of his mom’s singing and he does his best to copy it in his own priceless way. The moment he started to sing along his mom’s voice, everyone in the room gathered around to watch. They were smiling and the woman holding the baby couldn’t help but giggle, it’s just to wonderful to witness something like this!

Take a peek at this heartwarming singing session for yourself in the video below.
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